Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TSOT #223

Hi! It's time for this weeks Try Stampin' - Or Not - On Tuesday challenge. We're going with a theme of "RAIN" this week.

Now if you saw my card from last challenge (Here) you would know it was quick, simple and easy. Well this time round - totally different story and I still don't think I like it -ARGH!

Any ways, here is my contribution:

Yep, I still feel 'meh' about it :) But we all have cards like that don't we?

Well I hope you are able to join us for this challenge - I do love seeing how you all interpret the challenge.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Try Stampin' #221 - A Quick Card

Hello! It's time again for a Try stampin' On Tuesday challenge. Today we are mixing things up with a colour challenge.

 Yellow, Blue & Green
A great colour combo, but one I don't use too often.

So the story behind my card was: I thought about what I wanted to do, got a sketch in my head, then left it really late to get it done! So I do apologize for the quality of the picture :)
I made this card and photographed it within 20 mins! 
The good creating a card so quickly, is there is no time for ahing and uming about what you are doing.

So my extra challenge to you is to create a card which is made quickly.

As always, post your card to the TSOT Blog or the TSOT Facebook Page, its fantastic seeing all your creations!

Thanks for looking :)