Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well it feels like forever since I've sat down and shared something! Not sure about you, but life is getting busy! I'm nearly done with Christmas shopping, but all those little extra items I wanted to make for friends and family are still to be done. I have however finished and written my Christmas cards to send out on 1st December. I also feel like my mojo has gone walkabout, so hence my lack in creations and posts. Hopefully with things that I have to get done before Christmas that my mojo will find its way home :)

Any ways, I had promised my girls that I would make them a Christmas hair tie, so we went to the local craft shop and they chose their ribbon.

They were pretty simple, just a length of ribbon that I ran a running stitch along one side and pulled the thread to create the ruffles. I then used a self covering button with material from my stash for the center and finished the bottoms with a piece of felt to make it sit nicely and attached the hair tie to the felt. The girls love them and they were easy and cheap to make. 

I hope all your holiday plans are going along nicely. I'll try and pop past again soon :)
Thanks for looking 

(on a side note, I know I promised that I would show you a reindeer version of the treat toppers, but I honestly haven't done any. Maybe in the next few weeks I'll be able to get around to them - hopefully)

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